Magic Ink

ESC1.0 AKA Berlin 2012

ESC is a site specific interactive installation, conceived as a sound serie it started in 2012 and kepts on evolving. Based on a primitive net art reflection upon our communication systems, the installation has been presented in various format and venues including Berlin's legendary club Berghain. The installation connects the operating room of the club to a circuit bending network of logs that reveal the hidden signal of the architecture and the people’s movement. Just like a ghost in a haunted house, the sound plays the role of the oracle as a reference to the famous character The Log Lady in the TV show directed by David Lynch “TwinPeaks”.

Esc is using the Meeblip Berlin based technology, transforming the ghost signal of the logs into tons. The audience will have the opportunity to play gods and take over the control on a the oracle chant, turning the choir into a despotic chaos.